An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Movie Dates?

I really want to go see Toy Story 3! Anyone want to join? ....Wait, what am I asking? Why go see a movie WITH someone? You can't talk or hang out at the theatre! So why EVER take your date to a movie? To make out?! PLEASE! How old are we? I did that in 8th grade. Haha. SOLUTION! Stay at home and watch a movie so you can pause it if you wanna talk to the other person AND save yourself a SHIT LOAD of mulah! We're in a recession people....get with the program! One trip to the movies with two people can easily cost $30! ...Go buy LINT SEASON by Primo
Xoxo SP

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  1. Because going to see a movie on the big screen is an experience kid. Seeing a movie in the theater is an entirely different experience than watching it at home. It's a shame that people have this outlook because I love going to see movies and I love taking dates to them (and they love it too ;) ). I will agree it's a shit ton of money, but lucky for you, you're a woman and you don't have to pay for it.

    All in all, try to go see more films in the theater Sara. It's something to do and if you love movies like I do, you'll learn to appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these films. They don't make movies so you can watch them at home, they make them specifically for the theater and for folks to sit back in soak it al in on the big screen.

    I saw Toy Story 3 in the theater too and I've never laughed so hard. Seriously, go see it, you won't regret it.

    -- you're best friend, Austin McRonald