An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peace out Sac, Whaaddddupp LA

I'm so happy! I just moved to Santa Monica, CA a few days ago with my roomie Kristen. We're having a blast so far! Pics to come soon :)
Xoxo SP

Ps. Love you all in Sac!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nelly's Back?!

Nelly leaked his newest song "Just A Dream" yesterday to radio stations nation wide. Google it. Ps. I want him to rock the band aid still..... so hood.
Xoxo SP

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Throw some D's on 'em

(Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Perez aka Dddreamy) And that's with 3 D's ... get it straight! Check out her page @

Xoxo SP


Perez Hilton runs the 4th most popular blog in the world! That's impressive! I idolize this bb ;) I want my blog to be just as successful someday but with a lot less gossip and KEEP the same gay-ness! We love the gays here at In an EggShell. Like it, love it, or leave it! Xoxo SP

Can Hardly Wait

Santa Monica, I'm coming to you in a little over a month! Show me a whole new world, I'm counting on you! Xoxo SP

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Follow The PRIMO BrickRoad"

I'm proud to say that I conducted Primo's FIRST EVER interview! (So when they get all rich and famous on me, I'm gonna be able to look back on this and say to them, "Remember who was there supporting you guys since day one?" Haha) Watch the vid and get intimate with the boys from Sac.

To: AD and D.... I'm so happy that we're making the move to LA all together! Were gonna be the three best neighbs that anybody could have ;)

Xoxo SP

Friday, June 25, 2010

5 bucks says...

...Florals, lace, geometrical/tribal shapes, big-shoulder blazers, one-shoulder tops, and stripes are in style in less than a month. Boom!

You're gonna lose 5 dollla! Xoxo SP


Wait, what is Ke$ha famous for? I don't get it.

Xoxo $P

Movie Dates?

I really want to go see Toy Story 3! Anyone want to join? ....Wait, what am I asking? Why go see a movie WITH someone? You can't talk or hang out at the theatre! So why EVER take your date to a movie? To make out?! PLEASE! How old are we? I did that in 8th grade. Haha. SOLUTION! Stay at home and watch a movie so you can pause it if you wanna talk to the other person AND save yourself a SHIT LOAD of mulah! We're in a recession people....get with the program! One trip to the movies with two people can easily cost $30! ...Go buy LINT SEASON by Primo
Xoxo SP

Hip Hop History

Whaddup Suge Knight
Xoxo SP

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Interview with XV backstage at The Opposite of Adults Tour in Sacramento (6.14.10)

Thank you JayScoop (Joaquin Pardo) for getting me the interview. You are the man! And much love to BosseMedia for shooting and editing the vid! Props! Xoxo SP
PS. Go get XV's album 'Everybody's Nobody' and watch out for his next project 'Vizzy Zone' which should be dropping soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"This is everything to me but it may not mean nothing to you"

My boys AD and Diego from Primo rockin the stage (before interview) at Harlow's Monday night. Killlllled it! Best performance of theirs yet. Love you guys! Interview footage coming soon via @Bosse_Media (Twitter) xoxo SP

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, So THIS Is Love!

I can't get over how sick these jeans are. I loved them so much that they get a whole post for themselves. Damn. (This is Rihanna in her February promo shoot for her Album "Rated R") --SP

Low Rise... More like, Your Panties-Are-A-Risin

I think we can all agree that the low rise jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc are not in style anymore. It seems that the fashion now-a-days is keepin it realllll classy! Wherever I go, for the most part, the lower half of girls (talkin 'bout that waistline peeps) are fully covered. THANK GOD! I remember a time in my childhood when showing stomach was the thing to do! I'm not going to deny that I had a couple pairs of low low rise jeans and my belly was left bare. Yikes! Low rise, to me, seems kinda skanky now. I'm so glad that women's fashion has changed for the better and now most waistlines are high, or just at the waistline.
To give you an idea, the average rise (distance from the crotch up the zipper to the button holding the pants together) of jeans is around 12 inches, whereas low rise jeans average around 7 inches (That's almost half of regular jeans!) and may be as small as 3 to 4 inches... Time to invest in some suspenders!! With those measurements Im surprised girl's va-jay-jays aren't hanging out cause I know I've spotted some thongs peepin with some unattractive crack action! Ew. Not a good look. Come on, if you want to get some, save it for boyfriend to see all that GIRL!!! You want people to stare at your beautiful face and not at your ass-ets poppin outta the south! It's all about positive attention, not "Look at the free peep show!" Dont put it all out there, save some for the mind to wonder about...better yet, save a lot! Please!

I've got mad love for all my girls so please keep it Grade A for the rest of us who actually keep ourselves together! I want men to appreciate and respect us...With janky girls out there who are sending the wrong message, that can't fully happen. Have some pride! Let's go! (Photo credit to Free People Jeans (LOVE THAT BRAND) ) Xoxo SP

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lookin out for the Homeboys

I feel like I've been leaving you guys out in these past couple posts. My bad. So some of you might think you are too big of a playa playa for this post BUT I'm going to do it anyway! All men can use some pointers on how to get a girl to notice them (in a good way) and keep her wanting more of you. Oooh la la ;)

9 ways to get your lady's attention and keep her interested (because 10 is too cliche)
  1. Always have good personal hygiene. If you expect your girl to, so should you. Shower please, shave if you have to (scruff is sexy when its groomed the right way) and use some cologne! My personal favorite guys scent is Armani Diamonds (around $35) it will have her wanting to use it herself!
  2. If you're at a party and you both happen to make eye contact from across the room, don't dart your eyes away from her because you may feel creepy (NOT CREEPY AT ALL!) lock into her eyes and mouth something to her. A simple hey will do it or if you're feelin confident give her a wink (personally, winks=biggest turn on) I guarantee you will get a smile and a battering of eyelashes ;) out of her. It's because you just made her forget all the other people around and you made her feel like all your attention was solely on her.
  3. Say you just saw this girl you've never seen out before and you know you want to talk to her by the end of the night/get her digits. Bump into her doing something, let's say she's playing beer pong, just slyly make your way to the table and watch silently for a little. If she makes a shot, make a short remark, "Impressive" or a small clap. This way she will notice you and make her curious about you. Continue to watch 'til the game is over and then make your way over to her. Hopefully she loses (haha) so you can use your GP (game plan). Say "Good game, cant win 'em all"....put your hand out and introduce yourself..."I'm ____________, I think you should '86 (get rid of) your partner and play a game with me." She will be caught off guard but you'll be mysterious and she'll want to find out more about you. She can't say no! Throw in a snide joke like, "Let's see if you can keep up with me or if I'll have to carry the team" Interacting with her in an activity shows your playful and you have a good energy. Only ask for her number after you think you made a good connection... "How can I get in touch with you? Maybe we can be bp partners again"
  4. When engaging in conversation, never EVER get on your phone to text or answer a call. Not only is it rude but she'll automatically think you're not that into her so she will give up.
  5. NEVER EVER talk about yourself too much! It'll tell her you're self absorbed and that you're diggin yourself enough for the both of you! If you don't wanna know about her, she won't wanna know ANY more about you. Period. There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Cocky guys are unattractive.
  6. A girl likes to hear that she's gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, etc. not hot or sexy. Word choice is key. Hot and sexy type adjectives give her the vibe that you are only into her in a sexual way and you are shallow. Gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, say that you see her for more than just what is surface level and there is something else you that love about her (personality). Also, it says that you are caring and sweet instead of a guy who is just trying to get into her pants. And even though a girl loves to hear that you find her attractive, she CAN hear it enough! If you compliment her too much, you come off phony, like you are trying way too hard... probably because you are. Haha
  7. Okay and who made all these man rules? Like the rule about not calling or texting the girl 3 days after you see her/get her number. My only rule is to NEVER text her immediately after you get her number (that same night says you are desperate/have no life) but send her a short, to-the-point text the next day saying something like "Hey it's _________, it was nice meeting/seeing you last night. Let's do it again sometime soon" So that way she has your number now, she knows you enjoyed hanging out with her/you are STILL interested, and you are thinking about her, period. Let her respond BUT keep conversation short, do not try to have a full blown convo over text. Keep her wondering about you until you set up a plan to see her again another day. Slow and steady wins the race!
  8. Who says chivalry is dead? Well, it's not! A gentleman is always appreciated. It's the simple things (like calling her just to say what's up). Open the door for her (places AND cars), never walk in front of her (you are either with her or behind her), give her your jacket when she's cold (even if she insists on not taking it from you because then you'll be cold...suck it up, hehe), walk on the side nearest the street, etc.
  9. A guy who has his shit together is always attractive. If you can't handle your liquor and make a fool of yourself... SIANARA! (Side note, try to stay away from drunken hook-ups. You'll always do more than you probably should. AND it'll say a lot about the girl too, you don't want an easy chickadee) If you're doing hard core, illegal drugs she most likely wont want to bring you home to the 'rents and she'll think you lack intelligence. If you have a job and make that skrillaaaa and can support yourself that tells her you can support her as well. A girl wants to feel protected and safe when she's with you, so if another guy is giving her problems do not put up fists, simply say "Hey buddy, back off you're making her feel uncomfortable," it'll show you are in control of yourself and are mature. AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, if a guy is good with kids and interacts with them, it's always a plus in her book. If you exemplify qualities of being a good father, you automatically have her heart.
Now go get 'em boys! And remember, don't chase tail, chase because there is a purpose! If you play with a girls heart, you will eventually get yours sooner or later!
Love, SP... a strong believer in Karma :P
PS. LAUGHTER IS #1. Make her laugh and you're golden! If she gets your humor and jokes back with you, even better! ...You probably found a keeper

Cinco De "Who cares if it's May, get silly off that drank"

In honor of the day, HAPPY MAY 5TH! Cant say this to my FELLOW Hispanics because the closest I've ever been to being of Hispanic descent was dating a Mexican boy for 4 years in high escuela ;) Hehe. But you should definitely hear me speak the language...I'd have y'all convinced. Haha. So I'll pretend we're all 21...Make friendly with Jose and take some Tequila shots then blend some big-ass Margaritas and chill with your amigos today! Keep it classy drinking and driving/biking or I might have to call your ass into the Po-Po. Jk, but seriously.

I wanna rent The Three Amigos and LMAO tonight! Adios! --SP

Pin her up on the Wall Boys/Confidence=Biggest Sexy (Part 2: Trends)

This second half has an underlying theme of Female Empowerment for sure. This piece is all about the old school, pin-up babes back in the day who exuded massive amounts of confidence. Forget those Flappers who shimmied their way to an -almost- stripper status, its all about the strong woman who could do it all on her own. "WHO NEEDS A MAN!" This was the mindset of the women during the World Wars. Their husbands left them to take care of the house, kids, and yet they still had time to be beautiful. This 'independence' era for females made for the strongest generation of women to this day in my opinion.... Love you Grandmammy Shirley (you're my rock)!
Getting to the point, most of the looks that Urban O pulled were vintage, florals, tie-ups (button ups that wouldn't button but tie high above the waist exposing stomach) tubes, and even a totally Marilyn Monroe -esk dress. Peep the photos attached.

ALSO! Bandanas are making a comeback (more so for all you fashionista girls than guys). You don't have to be a gang-banger to sport your fashion. I mean, if the bandana makes you feel hard like Rihanna, more power to ya! Just refrain from putting guns in the air, only peace signs please.
In my personal opinion, these items will be trends continuing into summer season, so go out and try on some of these styles. See if you feel like yourself in any...I'll bet you catch the powerful, confident attitude and feel proud to be a woman. Ps. For all you males out there, don't think I forgot about you in this post.... You need to get yourself a girly with this attitude. She's bossy! Xoxo SP

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flip It Real Good (Part 1:Trends)

Yesterday I promised that I would do a piece on some of the trends that I saw shopping in SF. This will be a short and sweet post (because it's only the first half of the two part post) but within the next couple days I will have some juicy posts for y'all to read. (I'm currently drafting out interview questions for the upcoming Primo and Kristen Riley Photography pieces...stay glued)
So you can obviously tell I am a big groupie for Forever 21 and Urban O but eventually I will branch out... I'm just working with what I got for now. But Im gonna have to dismiss Urbz tonight because their sunglasses section is ridic. And I dont mean that in a good way. They need to stop being obsessed with NEON colors. Neon was out daaaaaays ago. It's like, I really don't know what kind of customers/how much of the population are telling the company that neon sunglasses are still in high demand.....must be all those raver kids. And even then, who wears sunglasses at night? Smh. Whatevs! Basically Urbiez needs to step their game up and get on that Forev shit! Cause they are bringing the heat lately with affordable fashion... I stumbled upon some sick Flip-Ups (sunglasses that are able to flip up the lenses) which had the top layer being shaded sunglasses that flipped up to show the next layer of non-prescription, nerd-type lenses. (Photos attached...Kim K modeling! Whaddup) Lady Gaga, the Messiah of the New-SpaceAge fashion, always rocks the shit out of a pair of outrageously sexy frames...even the Flip-Ups. Nice. Some people might think this style of frame is semi-"out there" but you know what? Being "out" is being in and I'd rather be out there than nothing at all. Ya Feeeeeel me? And even if your not feelin me, I guess I'll just be feelin myself. No pun intended.

Stay fitted until next post.....Part 2 is about to be BANANAS! After tonight's midget post, I'm going ape-shit on all my upcoming pieces so watch out! Xoxo SP

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today Kim Kickass and I drove down to the bay because she needed to visit the California Academy of Sciences to get credit for her Anthro class. She wanted a partner in crime so, of course, she asked me to go with ;) I was pretty pumped to play hooky from class and get out of Sac for a little and to SHOP! HELLO!! But back to the point, so we got to CAS and while K had to fill out some questionare for credit, I was snapping some glamorous iPhone photos of all the cool exhibits. (Some are attached for viewing) I think my favorite part of the museum was running into this guy with tats... sleeves for days....picture a Carey Hart (PiNK's hubby, photo attached for effect) and then I hear, "Daddy, Daddy!" and a little girl comes sprinting towards us as we were looking at the African Penguin exhibit. I had a thought bubble; Shit. Okay, I guess I can be a mom at 19. Then, sure enough, I check the ring finger and some lucky skank put a ring on it!!! So I made like Aretha Franklin (had some R-E-S-P-E-C-T) and stepped away from the Penguins. I was positive I had found my future husband... Now I can't ever look at penguins the same ever again. Even though I'm totally joking about him being my favorite part of the day, he was still a DILF fa sho. My ACTUAL favorite part was the Rainforest exhibit. We were in a bubble type structure with 3 stories of perfectly simulated jungle. Butterflies were flying around freely in the purposely humid bubble filled with trees, shrubs, and all kinds of exotic birds, fish, reptiles and more! (pics) We also went into the underground aquarium, saw Dori from Finding Nemo (shout out to Ellen DeGeneres), hung out with some jellyfish and had some one on one time with star fish (seriously, we held some). But before we left, we wrote our 'how we can help the Earth' ideas on the "SHARE YOUR IDEAS" wall in the Eco-friendly zone (pics included) How can YOU help better this planet? Go GREEN and Recycle, ya dummies! Anywhooooo, we left the museum, grabbed a bite to eat because we were gettin bitchy and hit Union Square for a little R&R... After we get hit on by an African American (politically correct) bum speaking Italian, watch street performers tutting (an urban form of dance) we get guilt-tripped by a guy who is trying to make K give him her credit card number so that way she can support a random kid, from a random country to get an education and have medicare. He pulled out all the good lines, first-trying to butter us up- "you gorgeous ladies would be GREAT for this program," next-puppy dog eyes-(failed attempt) then-you could see the frustration on his face after we said-"Were going to eat our food in Blondie's, we will give you a for sure answer after we're done" His response, just after we think we've gotten out of it: "Sweet, I'll be waiting outside until your done." Thought bubble: FUCK! As we ate, K devised a plan to use the "back door" to escape this guy. But I've eaten at B's before and I've never known of a back door since part of it is under street level. We couldn't stop laughing the whole time we ate...Then a miracle happened. We found an actual "back door" exit. We totally pulled a Special Ops on his ass and he didn't even know it. Sad part was, he was still outside waiting for us. I felt like a real jerk but HEY, people need to stop hassling me for my money! I'm not a pimp...welllll....

So we finally snuck around that one dude, copped us some goooood ish from Urban O and Forev and its 3 stories. Holla! (I scored a nice little navy handbag for $30 and some high-wasted Levi's for $40, pic included of course) K bought an 80 dollar blazey blazer from urbz and an amazing, chunky, turquoise necklace! Love it! ...Oh but before we purchased our goods, we were racially profiled as stealers in the jewelry section of Urban. An employee made it very evident that she was following us....I felt kinda violated....not. Super cool story, but then we bounced out over the Golden Gate to add onto our coolness factor. And by being cool I mean being like my dear friends, the Jewish. (ahhhh couldn't leave out the -ish on the end of that, had me feelin kinda weird inside) We took the scenic route because we didn't want to pay the toll for the Bay Bridge on the way back, ALRIGHT! Get off my back! On the way home, we bumped some Primo (Shoutout to my boys AD and D...mental side note...write next upcoming piece on these mofos) and my new Hella Trees Mixtape! That is definitely whats up!

And what's next on tomorrow's plate, I will be talking about what fashion trends I saw during my visit and what you should look out for summer! Stay tuned, XOXO SP

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brass Knuckles ;)

We all know the two-finger-ring trend has been around for a few fashion seasons now, ever since Lauren Conrad debuted hers in a Hill's episode. The trend took off in the celebrity/fashion world long ago, but I think the general youth has just caught onto this more recently, probably because the major retailers of America are just now making these rings available to the public at an afforable price. High-end fashion retailers, like Homeroom clothing, sell these fashion-must-haves starting at 96 buckaroooooos (See gold/silver pair)! I love these rings, but that's outrageous for an accessory! So for all my girlies, Forever 21 stores have caught on and made many in cute styles starting at $3.80. (See Floral/Gold...My friend Kim K bought that exact ring) You can wear these on your pinky-ringman finger or rock the ringman-middle finger type style. And if you really wanna be a Diva, get a custom made ring with your name on it! Either way, get your fingers into one of these while they're HOT! This is like the Madonna of accessories! I already got mine! (See iPhone pic haha) --SP


I recently decided to delete/deactivate my Facebook page for my own personal reasons. So for now, this is the way I'm going to share my life, thoughts and opinions. And you know what all the jazzzzz is right now? Blogging. That's wassssup. Follow me on here, check in everyday for updates, because I will be a frequent blogger. So look out for new posts all the time! Spread the word :) --SP

Hella Appropriate

Last night I attended the "Hella Trees Release Party" for a local Sacramento clothing line owned by Shawn Kahan, whom has been a dear friend of mine since a few years back. The Cloud Nine line gets it's inspiration from Shawn's own laid back vibe... Guys and girls clothing! Check it out in midtown! Support local entrepreneurs! Shawn's business is going to BLOW UP when it's his time, I know it. But until then all I can do is spread the word and give him major props!