An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brass Knuckles ;)

We all know the two-finger-ring trend has been around for a few fashion seasons now, ever since Lauren Conrad debuted hers in a Hill's episode. The trend took off in the celebrity/fashion world long ago, but I think the general youth has just caught onto this more recently, probably because the major retailers of America are just now making these rings available to the public at an afforable price. High-end fashion retailers, like Homeroom clothing, sell these fashion-must-haves starting at 96 buckaroooooos (See gold/silver pair)! I love these rings, but that's outrageous for an accessory! So for all my girlies, Forever 21 stores have caught on and made many in cute styles starting at $3.80. (See Floral/Gold...My friend Kim K bought that exact ring) You can wear these on your pinky-ringman finger or rock the ringman-middle finger type style. And if you really wanna be a Diva, get a custom made ring with your name on it! Either way, get your fingers into one of these while they're HOT! This is like the Madonna of accessories! I already got mine! (See iPhone pic haha) --SP

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