An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, So THIS Is Love!

I can't get over how sick these jeans are. I loved them so much that they get a whole post for themselves. Damn. (This is Rihanna in her February promo shoot for her Album "Rated R") --SP

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