An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flip It Real Good (Part 1:Trends)

Yesterday I promised that I would do a piece on some of the trends that I saw shopping in SF. This will be a short and sweet post (because it's only the first half of the two part post) but within the next couple days I will have some juicy posts for y'all to read. (I'm currently drafting out interview questions for the upcoming Primo and Kristen Riley Photography pieces...stay glued)
So you can obviously tell I am a big groupie for Forever 21 and Urban O but eventually I will branch out... I'm just working with what I got for now. But Im gonna have to dismiss Urbz tonight because their sunglasses section is ridic. And I dont mean that in a good way. They need to stop being obsessed with NEON colors. Neon was out daaaaaays ago. It's like, I really don't know what kind of customers/how much of the population are telling the company that neon sunglasses are still in high demand.....must be all those raver kids. And even then, who wears sunglasses at night? Smh. Whatevs! Basically Urbiez needs to step their game up and get on that Forev shit! Cause they are bringing the heat lately with affordable fashion... I stumbled upon some sick Flip-Ups (sunglasses that are able to flip up the lenses) which had the top layer being shaded sunglasses that flipped up to show the next layer of non-prescription, nerd-type lenses. (Photos attached...Kim K modeling! Whaddup) Lady Gaga, the Messiah of the New-SpaceAge fashion, always rocks the shit out of a pair of outrageously sexy frames...even the Flip-Ups. Nice. Some people might think this style of frame is semi-"out there" but you know what? Being "out" is being in and I'd rather be out there than nothing at all. Ya Feeeeeel me? And even if your not feelin me, I guess I'll just be feelin myself. No pun intended.

Stay fitted until next post.....Part 2 is about to be BANANAS! After tonight's midget post, I'm going ape-shit on all my upcoming pieces so watch out! Xoxo SP


  1. OoOoOo I like this better. haha way easier then tweeting back to you.

    Good job on that one. Funny and informative. Keep them coming cause you seem to have a knack for this blogging thing. :)

  2. Thank you! And I promise to do some pieces for the boys so you can relate to some of these posts haha