An eggshell is defined as the outer protection of an egg, which varies widely among species... Not to get all metaphorical or anything, but just follow me...I'm like an egg. I have a hard exterior to crack and from the outside I seem very one dimensional. But on the inside, I'm growing and evolving everyday, just waiting to hatch and break out of my shell. I am misjudged on the daily, and I'm sure the rest of the population can relate. I want my shell to be left as naturally blank as possible for me to paint on my own. That way I could give a glimpse of who I really am... This blog is my easel; so let me paint! This is what I'm all about beneath the hard outer shell. Like it, love it, or leave it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today Kim Kickass and I drove down to the bay because she needed to visit the California Academy of Sciences to get credit for her Anthro class. She wanted a partner in crime so, of course, she asked me to go with ;) I was pretty pumped to play hooky from class and get out of Sac for a little and to SHOP! HELLO!! But back to the point, so we got to CAS and while K had to fill out some questionare for credit, I was snapping some glamorous iPhone photos of all the cool exhibits. (Some are attached for viewing) I think my favorite part of the museum was running into this guy with tats... sleeves for days....picture a Carey Hart (PiNK's hubby, photo attached for effect) and then I hear, "Daddy, Daddy!" and a little girl comes sprinting towards us as we were looking at the African Penguin exhibit. I had a thought bubble; Shit. Okay, I guess I can be a mom at 19. Then, sure enough, I check the ring finger and some lucky skank put a ring on it!!! So I made like Aretha Franklin (had some R-E-S-P-E-C-T) and stepped away from the Penguins. I was positive I had found my future husband... Now I can't ever look at penguins the same ever again. Even though I'm totally joking about him being my favorite part of the day, he was still a DILF fa sho. My ACTUAL favorite part was the Rainforest exhibit. We were in a bubble type structure with 3 stories of perfectly simulated jungle. Butterflies were flying around freely in the purposely humid bubble filled with trees, shrubs, and all kinds of exotic birds, fish, reptiles and more! (pics) We also went into the underground aquarium, saw Dori from Finding Nemo (shout out to Ellen DeGeneres), hung out with some jellyfish and had some one on one time with star fish (seriously, we held some). But before we left, we wrote our 'how we can help the Earth' ideas on the "SHARE YOUR IDEAS" wall in the Eco-friendly zone (pics included) How can YOU help better this planet? Go GREEN and Recycle, ya dummies! Anywhooooo, we left the museum, grabbed a bite to eat because we were gettin bitchy and hit Union Square for a little R&R... After we get hit on by an African American (politically correct) bum speaking Italian, watch street performers tutting (an urban form of dance) we get guilt-tripped by a guy who is trying to make K give him her credit card number so that way she can support a random kid, from a random country to get an education and have medicare. He pulled out all the good lines, first-trying to butter us up- "you gorgeous ladies would be GREAT for this program," next-puppy dog eyes-(failed attempt) then-you could see the frustration on his face after we said-"Were going to eat our food in Blondie's, we will give you a for sure answer after we're done" His response, just after we think we've gotten out of it: "Sweet, I'll be waiting outside until your done." Thought bubble: FUCK! As we ate, K devised a plan to use the "back door" to escape this guy. But I've eaten at B's before and I've never known of a back door since part of it is under street level. We couldn't stop laughing the whole time we ate...Then a miracle happened. We found an actual "back door" exit. We totally pulled a Special Ops on his ass and he didn't even know it. Sad part was, he was still outside waiting for us. I felt like a real jerk but HEY, people need to stop hassling me for my money! I'm not a pimp...welllll....

So we finally snuck around that one dude, copped us some goooood ish from Urban O and Forev and its 3 stories. Holla! (I scored a nice little navy handbag for $30 and some high-wasted Levi's for $40, pic included of course) K bought an 80 dollar blazey blazer from urbz and an amazing, chunky, turquoise necklace! Love it! ...Oh but before we purchased our goods, we were racially profiled as stealers in the jewelry section of Urban. An employee made it very evident that she was following us....I felt kinda violated....not. Super cool story, but then we bounced out over the Golden Gate to add onto our coolness factor. And by being cool I mean being like my dear friends, the Jewish. (ahhhh couldn't leave out the -ish on the end of that, had me feelin kinda weird inside) We took the scenic route because we didn't want to pay the toll for the Bay Bridge on the way back, ALRIGHT! Get off my back! On the way home, we bumped some Primo (Shoutout to my boys AD and D...mental side note...write next upcoming piece on these mofos) and my new Hella Trees Mixtape! That is definitely whats up!

And what's next on tomorrow's plate, I will be talking about what fashion trends I saw during my visit and what you should look out for summer! Stay tuned, XOXO SP

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